Do not use this print system yet.



DTU uses the Ysoft® SafeQ® payment system for secure print, copy and scan.

Users of databar printing must use their DTU ID card for printing, copying and scanning directly on the printers.

Before printing, copying or scanning on the databar printers, the user's DTU ID card must be registered in the printing system.

This is done as followsActivate-your-card

It is also possible to use mobile devices such as Phones, Tablets and iPads Mobil-Devices

Multifunction printers (print, scan and copy) are installed on all Databars.

There is a fee on color print / copy and poster print.


 Size  Color  B&W
 A4  0.5 dKr  Free
 A3  1,0 dKr  Free
 Posterprint  Color / B&W
 A0  40 dKr
 A1  20 dKr
 A2  10 dKr


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